Saturday, July 31, 2010


ranting on about stuff. highlight if you want.

I'm just gonna say whatever's on my mind. I really don't care if I curse or anything. So... for people who are easily offended, or to easily misunderstand, I warn you to not go beyond reading from this point.

Recently there's been this whole mess of NLBLGL and whatnot. I first heard from billies viz txt that everybody is switching to NL or something. And I immediately think it's my fault, cuz though I'm not good at drawing lovey-dovey scenes, I do incorporate a bland feel of that here and there. I always tried to be careful of what I drew and posted though. I knew I couldn't do some stuff, for example, this craze with merilu... Out of all the OC's I've created, Merilu is the one I care for the most. She's been my first OC that I've stuck with since middle school, and then along the way came Anyo and Joe... And then another story was created with Anya and Eina and Ian and whatever... Even out of all these characters, I tend to create and imagine a lot of stories with merilu being the main character. When AI was first created, I contemplated between Anyo and Merilu a lot. Should I introduce Anyo or Merilu? In the end, Anyo was chosen because she already had a relationship with Leo and Lance from a previous pchat. After that, I planned not to bring out any other characters, but with the request of people, and the thought with the lack of girls, I brought out Merilu. And then Anya. Though I don't think Anya would be RPing much in AI because of the way the story is set. So I don't think I'll have much of a problem with Anya and her existence at AI. Anyways, Merilu... God, I did't mean to bring in such trouble with her. I brought her out as a side character, but I started bringing her out much more because some people liked her. But the problems with her and the relationship between everybody else is so hard. Some people hate that she's being 'paired' with other characters, and honestly, everytime they say that, it just makes me feel even more guilty for bringing her into AI. I know they probably don't mean that, but the thought of it just makes me wonder, maybe they think she's a whore or something. And then I think that the dilemma of faraxhar was partly merilu's fault. And then in the end, everything is her fault. I'm the type of person who thinks up the worst case scenerios, and thinks a lot about what other people thinks, and then I turn all emo about it. These types of thoughts comes occassionally, but the thought that it has to do with merilu just gets me down even more. I've been keeping my thoughts about merilu pairings to myself. I may have spilled like oh, i like her and this guy, or i comment that that'd be interesting sometimes, but I always knew deep down that I couldn't make it come true. And really, I didn't want to make it come true, cuz I didn't want complications between characters, and further more, with my friends. Because all in all, my friends are all I care about, and I don't want to lose the bond that we all share. Right now, I really don't want to talk about Merilu being a part of anything... I don't feel like bringing her out anymore. I don't even want to post the pochi comic because it mentions some merilu pairings. If it comes down to it, I've been thinking a lot about taking merilu out of AI. By the way, just to make things clear, I do like Farant&Merilu. I don't care what you have to say about it. I like a lot of pairings that you don't know about. My thought is my own, I'll change it when I want to. But I'll promise that I won't do/draw/write anything about them, cuz in conclusion, I care more about what other people want and think. I may not notice everybody's needs, but I'll assure you this promise. So... I say sorry to all those whom I've brought complexity. It wasn't meant to harm anybody, but I guess that's just how it flowed. I apologize for my mistakes.

Huh. I didn't curse at all ahaha. Other than that, I've tested out this one site by the request of fo, and it made me feel better and forget stuff for the time being :) Sorry, I'll reply to comments in the next post ><;;;

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



前からやってみたかったんで一応やっちゃうよぉ... AIランキング!!!
*doesn't include characters who's not officially in AI yet*

1 Leo x Anyo
2 Farant x Harbell
3 Farant x Merilu
4 Zelos + Rumiko
5 Miji x Food

1 Deformed Leo
2 Meiz
3 Rintarou
4 Rika + Elea
5 Max

Hottest Guys
1 Lucien
2 Lance
3 Keane
4 Pion
5 Vin

Hottest girls
1 Merilu (I like her. A LOT)
2 Hime
3 Isabelle
4 Rei
5 Rosaline

Favorite TRIO
1 Lance + Anyo + Leo
2 Lucien + Farant + Clyde
3 Lucien + Anyo + Felipe
4 Farant + Merilu + Keane
5 can I put DC cuz I really want to mention DC somewhere DCDCDCDC

Favorite BFFs (thats two ppl)
1 Lucien + Farant
2 Leo + Lance
3 Lucien + Anyo
4 Anyo + Merilu
5 Rei + Meiz

Favorite Personality
1 Farant (easiest to manipulate^^)
2 Leo
3 Harbell
4 Lucien
5 Anyo

Best Sibling Material
1 Lucien
2 Hime
3 Farant
4 Lance
5 Leo

Easiest to RP
1 Deformed Leo
2 Anyo
3 Anya
4 Merilu
5 Rumiko&Takemi

I suck at RP-ing...

Monday, July 26, 2010



Yeah~ that tokidoki poster we saw when we met^^
Ah really?? That would be really fun! Just keep me posted on when/where to meet and stuff then!

Friday, July 23, 2010

AI DCこんにゃろぅ

むむむむむー。 リトル東京の祭り、8月の14日から22日までだって??めちゃ行きてー。てか祭りよりまっちゃんに会いてーよ。今おばちゃんとケンカ中(というか一方的に彼女が怒ってる)なのでちょっとダウンな気分……もう一週間になってるんだけど、早く機嫌なおさないかなぁ…

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


やっとうpできたよ~ \(´v`)/
梨本P様の「くたばれPTA」(雨天決行様&AO様ver.)でAIビデオ!金曜日みんなとエチャしてた間にあげようかと思ってたんだけど、何故かうまく できなくって、、、なので昨日billiesとデートするまえに父さんの仕事場へいってサクッとあげちゃったよ!うん、これねぇ、実はAX始まる前にやり たくてね、ファラ君が現れるとこ、「勉強が嫌い」「ゲームがしたい」が描きたくて、そこから始まったんだけど。そこから今週また描いて一週間内に描き終わ りました。(私のやる気って…) 曲自体も結構気に入ってるんで、本家様も雨天決行+AO様方のversionもゆっくり聴いてくださると嬉しいです^^  最後のおまけはPUFFYからの「働く男」。これは前ブログ内でカット見せたと思う。勿論もっと描いてあるんだけど、おまけなのである部分だけうp。個 人的に好きなカットは1:03でした´p` 一番苦労したとこでもあるけどww


Saturday, July 3, 2010


今日二日目終わって三日目に入る所だよ。また後でうpするけど、コミション一個訪ねたの。アンヨの落書き絵〜^p^ えへへー超エロイのーvv明日は抹茶さんにコミするぜ!!誰にしようか!やっぱアンヨかなっ!?んでもっともっと色んな人にコミしてみたいよー。今日は自分のコミで忙しくて一枚しか聞けなかった... 今billiesにハグされてます。癒される〜vvvvvvv latoは寝てるよ^^最初っから思ったけどよく寝るな、おいっ。てなわけでコミ描きにいくぜ。ばーい

PS - たけみお誕生日おめでとう ;w;